Poké Bar


Freshness Meets Personalized Delight at Poké Bar

Step into the flavorful realm of Poké Bar, where they aren’t just serving quick and convenient food; they're crafting a vibrant experience that's all about fresh flavors and healthy dining!

At Poké Bar, the philosophy is simple yet profound: fast food should always be fresh. The team has reimagined the fast-casual scene to make healthy eating not just easy but downright delightful. Imagine Poké bowls, a Hawaiian gem, taking center stage on the menu. These bowls are a dance of raw, diced fish, mingling with rice, veggies, and mouthwatering sauces. They’ve added their own twist to this island favorite, allowing patrons to start with a base of rice, noodles, or greens and then dive into a world of personalization. Pick your favorite fish, mix-ins, sauces, sides, and toppings to create a poké bowl that's uniquely yours — a healthful masterpiece tailored to your taste buds.

The fish journey began in 1989 with Yanagi Sushi in Northridge, California. With over three decades of experience, Poké Bar has seamlessly blended traditional sushi roots with the vibrant flavors of Hawaiian-style poké to bring patrons a place where freshness meets convenience and, most importantly, pure deliciousness.

In a world where having both healthy ingredients and swift service is a rare luxury, Poké Bar steps in as the answer for those who crave quality without sacrificing the pace of their busy lives. Their commitment to serving fresh, daily fish, premium sauces, and top-notch ingredients reflects their passion for providing patrons with a swift, convenient, and, above all, flavorful dining experience.