Parallel 49 Brewing Company


The Heart of Craft Beer Innovation at Parallel 49

Bold flavours and imaginative brewing collide at Parallel 49 Brewing Company. Parallel 49 is a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a journey beyond the ordinary. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, each sip is an adventure into a world where creativity meets craftsmanship, and each brew tells a unique and memorable story.

Craft Lager 

The Craft Lager is a testament to simplicity and quality. This light, clean lager captivates with a subtle hint of malt, offering a crisp and refreshing experience, perfect for those seeking a classic palate pleaser. Utilising all malted barley and local Sterling hops, this pale lager, fermented with traditional German yeast, embodies the essence of craft perfection.

Tricycle Radler 

Parallel 49 introduces the Tricycle Radler, a refreshing delight that harmonises the crispness of a lager with the zesty notes of natural grapefruit juice. Crafted with basic hops and malts, this beer offers a perfect balance of citrusy brightness and classic lager character.

Trash Panda 

Dive into a flavour-rich experience with Parallel 49’s Trash Panda, a beer expertly crafted through extensive dry-hopping. This lager unfolds a captivating symphony of tastes, revealing intricate notes of melon, tropical fruit, and pear, acting as a sensory masterpiece that seamlessly blends the art of brewing with a burst of complexity.