Alley BBQ


Authentic BBQ That Feels Like Home Away From Home 

Renowned for its use of locally sourced, fresh ingredients, the culinary artists at Alley BBQ present authentic, handcrafted Japanese BBQ dishes. Inspired by life in the alleys of enchanting cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei, Alley embraces the familiarity of their home roots, blending Eastern culture and heritage into a Western environment. Much like the locals who wander but always return to their cherished streets, we invite you to experience the pride in every grilled delight at Alley.

Alley Cut Boneless Short Rib

The Alley Cut Boneless Short Rib is a delectable premium cut. With the bone expertly removed, each bite boasts savory tenderness, showcasing the rich marbling and flavorful characteristics that make this cut exceptional.

Japanese Wagyu A5 Ribeye

Indulge in the epitome of excellence with the A5 Wagyu Ribeye, the crown jewel of Japanese beef. Graded A5, the highest echelon of Wagyu, Alley’s ribeye boasts unparalleled marbling, resulting in a lusciously tender and buttery texture that will surely melt in your mouth. Renowned for its rich flavor profile and meticulously graded to meet the strictest quality standards, this exquisite cut promises a dining experience like no other.

New York Striploin

The New York Striploin boasts a beautiful marbling that promises a juicy and robust beefy taste, ensuring each bite is a savory symphony. It's a versatile star on Alley BBQ’s menu — lean yet indulgent, presenting a tender, flavorful experience within.

Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice

Signature pork sausage, crafted with a blend of traditional seasonings, is encased in a chewy layer of soy-infused sticky rice. Grilled to perfection, this iconic Taiwanese street food delicacy offers a symphony of smoky, crispy exteriors and juicy, flavorful interiors. It's a portable delight that captures the essence of Taiwan's vibrant street food culture!