Adonia Tea House


Experience the Art of the Tea Ceremony

Welcome to Adonia Tea House, where the act of savouring tea is transformed into a cherished ritual, guided by a commitment to precision and an unwavering dedication to the tea-making tradition. From the meticulously curated selection of sweet and savoury delights to the exquisite ambience of classic elegance, Adonia transcends the ordinary to deliver an extraordinary teahouse experience.

Adonia Salad 

Organic mixed greens bathed in signature house dressing come together to create the refreshing Adonia Salad. Your experience is curated with the choice of one or two delectable options: a creamy rich egg salad or hard-boiled egg, a savoury allure of tuna salad, or a delicate smoked wild sockeye salmon. The harmonious marriage of these fresh, high-quality ingredients results in a salad that transcends the ordinary. 

Afternoon Tea

Elevate your afternoon with Adonia Tea House’s exquisite Afternoon Tea. Immerse yourself in an assortment of finger sandwiches, delicious pastries and scones, and an array of tempting pastries. Each bite is a culinary journey, accompanied by your choice of tea from Adonia’s exceptional selection, where you can indulge in the luxury of a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

Panna Cotta

The Panna Cotta is a celebration of traditional Italian indulgence. Silky smooth milk custard is served with a drizzle of vibrant strawberry coulis that adds a sweet, tangy symphony to each spoonful. Crowned with fresh, seasonal fruits, this delicacy captures the essence of sophistication and simplicity in a single, sublime dessert.